Our Brand Story

The journey of SLAY began two and a half decades ago, when a bright-eyed young girl inherited a Danish butter cookie tin full of her great-grandmother's tiny glass beads.

Enamored by those tiny sparkles of light, this self-taught entrepreneur created her first brand, SPARKLE, and a fully bootstrapped profitable business of selling customized beaded accessories at just 12 years of age.

25 years, an MBA, and the disillusionment of corporate life later, she returned to her first business venture to create SLAY™, a jewelry brand where each piece is handcrafted, unique, and meant to be a true reflection of who you really are.

Subtle yet quirky, chic with a twist, SLAY jewelry is for the individual who is unapologetically themselves, and wants to wear their heart, and their identity, on their sleeve.

SLAY pieces are designed keeping in mind the young at heart, but our pieces are for people of all ages, colors and identities (and we'll accessorize your pets too!!) because hey, where's the time for hating when we're busy slaying!